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Community Integrated Locality Teams

What is it?

This team is bringing together current community health teams and adult social care teams to work together around an individual, to deliver well joined up, locality based care that enables people to stay in their usual place of residence when and where ever possible – regardless of how many different community based health and social care teams are involved in providing that care

Who is it for?

The over 18 year olds with physical issues and the older person with physical and / or mental health issues

What does it mean for the individual and their family?

“I can plan my care with people who work together to understand me and my carer(s), allows me control, and bring together services to achieve the outcomes important to me.”

(From National Voices 2013)

What will they be doing?

The new teams will be there to respond both to problems that need resolving that day and work to support and co-ordinate care for people with long term health or social care needs, by building a personalised care and support plan, which will have the individual person outcomes to restore or maintain as much of thier independence as possible.

Who is in the teams?

District Nurses


Occupational Therapists – across physical health, mental health and social care

Older people’s mental health nurses

Palliative Care Matrons

Social Workers


Care Home Support service

Falls Prevention service

Dementia Advisors


Health and Well Being Centres

 How do I contact my local team?

There is no change to how you make contact; this is either through the Oxfordshire County Council Customer Service Desk if it is for social care or by your GP or Hospital Clinician referring you into your local team for health or joint health and social care issues


The integrated teams are in a partnership with Age UK to test the role of voluntary organisations as equal partners with community health and social care in supporting the individual to meet their needs.  Currently a nationally supported scheme call ‘Circles of Support ‘, is being tested in the locality teams, the finding from this will inform further developments.

To find out more about the project and read updates and briefings, please click here.

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