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Child and Adolescent Mental Health service (CAMHS) Review 14/15

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As demand increases and resources become more thinly stretched the Clinical Commissioning Group proposed a strategic review of the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) in order to inform the commissioning of services for the next five years.  Following a detailed review process involving parents’ groups, children and young people, more than fifty schools, all six GP Locality Groups, Social Work Teams, Children’s Centres and every CAMHS Team, the final review was published in April 2015.

The review concluded that radical change is essential if changing profile of needs were to be met in a way children, young people and families wanted over the next five years.  It was clear that ‘no change was not an option’.  Increased capacity was important ,but so too was cultural change to move from a service with thresholds and tiers to a tier less service that addresses needs as they present.

The review highlighted many common themes from professionals, schools, parents and young people.  All identified similar areas for improvement, including:

  • waiting times
  • communication
  • consultation
  • clear pathways
  • more multi agency working.

Professionals often cited the need for more joined up working and integration between social care and CAMHS.

The perception of CAMHS from young people was much more focussed on delivery and commented more on the need for confidentially, working with staff that they felt comfortable with, long waiting times and need for easier access to the service and better information.

The full engagement report and key findings can be found here:

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