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OCCG Clinical Contracts

A list of Oxfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group’s (OCCG’s) Clinical Contracts can be accessed here:


Report on financial sanctions imposed by commissioners on providers under the NHS Standard Contract for failure to achieve national standards

OCCG is required under national NHS contracting regulations to publish the financial consequences/sanctions it has applied to providers of NHS care in line with the sanctions mandated by the national standard NHS Contract from Q4 2014/15 onwards.

In accordance with this requirement OCCG has published on 31 July 2015 the sanctions raised and confirmed in Q1 of the financial year 2015/6. At the end of the month following each quarter, OCCG will publish quarterly updates of contract sanctions applied.

The sanctions reported here relate to the non-achievement of national quality standards at Trusts from which OCCG commissions clinical services on behalf of Oxfordshire residents. The reported performance and sanctions reflect the level of performance achieved at a trust-wide level and the proportional value for OCCG calculated in accordance with national and locally agreed rules. For a copy of the national rules applied in 2014/15 please follow this link



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