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2015-16 Equality Publication

This report shows how we have met our equality duties and objectives and demonstrates progress against our commitment to promoting equality and reducing health inequalities. This report sets out the way in which OCCG fulfils its responsibilities arising from the Equality Act 2010. This Act requires public bodies to publish relevant, proportionate information showing compliance with the Equality Duty on or before 31 January each year.
This year has seen good progress on equality and diversity. We published our first Workforce Race Equality Standard (WRES) report as well as our first Equality Delivery System (EDS2) summary report. The work behind consolidating the data for both reports in the standard NHS England template has been intensive but the findings have been extremely useful in setting a baseline for our work for next year. Another key development has been establishing a new template and approval processes for our Equality Analysis documents which play a key role in embedding equality and diversity in all our systems.

Please read our Equality Publication :

Equality & Diversity Annual Publication January 2016

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